Strawberry Fruit Gin Liqueur.

Strawberry fruit gin liqueur drink made from highest quality pure natural fruits and excellent value for money.


Strawberry fruit gin drink our original masterpiece.

Strawberry fruit gin liqueur drink is made with real strawberries, and the highest quality of gin to make a breath-taking smooth and tasty Gin liqueur.

This beautiful liqueur is 500ml at 20% ABV.

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What to mix it with:

This fruit punching liqueur is best mixed with Lemonade, however, the super sweetness of the strawberries means it is also perfect served on its own.

Try adding to Prosecco or champagne to make a delightful and simple cocktail.

How to store

As with all our liqueurs, they are best stored in a dark ambient cupboard. If you wish to store in a fridge, the liqueur may thicken; This is not a problem, just be sure to give the bottle a good shake before you serve.

Life Span

It is likely that our liqueurs would last for many years, however we recommend enjoying within 2 years of purchase. We also advise that once opened, the liqueur is consumed within 6 months.

Real fruit – Shake it baby

We don’t use any artificial flavouring, colours or anything nasty. As a result of this the liqueur can thicken slightly and most likely the fruit bits will settle. So make sure you shake that bottle before you serve.

Strawberry Fruit Gin Liqueur image.

Strawberry Fruit Gin Liqueur by Ellon Spirits company. please see our online Gin Shop for ordering your favourite gin tipple